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At British Airways, we’re on a journey to create a better, more sustainable future. We call it BA Better World. It means we’re putting sustainability at the heart of our business. From creating a great place for people to work to reducing our emissions and waste and contributing to the communities we serve, we’re building a thriving, resilient, responsible business.

For more than 30 years, British Airways has supported community initiatives across the UK and around the world. Now, with BA Better World Community Fund, we’re creating more life-changing opportunities and generating more positive impact in the communities we serve by offering up to £50,000 in extra funding to eligible projects that crowdfund.

Our actions will help make a more connected world for everyone to live in and we're excited to bring together our people, our customers and our partners to deliver this important part of what we believe will be our greatest achievement.

BA Better World - our most important journey yet

How the community fund works

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Submit an application

Check the eligibility criteria. If you are a UK registered charity or social enterprise working in the UK, your work is aligned to our BA Better World vision, and you would like to apply for support, then click here and create a unique project page that explains your idea and fundraising target.

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Raise your funds

Once your application has been approved, you have 6 weeks to plan, create and launch a crowdfunding campaign. There’s plenty of tools to help you on our Learn page. Extra funding of up to £50,000 (or 50% of your project target) from the BA Better World Community Fund will be pledged onto your project page once the following pledge conditions have been met:

• 25% of your project target
• At least 25 unique supporters

You then need to go on to reach 100% of your target to secure the funding from the BA Better World Community Fund.

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Make a difference

Once you’ve reached your target, the BA Better World Community Fund pledge is secure and it’s time to put your idea into action! If your charity or social enterprise would like to crowdfund again in the future, you’re welcome to apply again at any time.

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